Frequently asked questions

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    What do I need to do before the inflatable is delivered?
    What do I need to do before the inflatable is delivered? 1. Be aware of the size of the bounce house you are renting, add at least two or three feet all around and then plan where the bounce house will go. Be sure there is overhead clearance. Plan a spot away from your house meters. 2. Please make sure that the yard is free from any and all animal droppings, and debris such as sticks and rocks which will damage the bounce house. 3. There must be a flat area to setup the bounce house. Slight inclines are ok, but not recommended. 4. A clear path that is at least 4 feet wide will be needed to reach the place of setup. Please move any garbage cans, toys, hoses, etc that may be in the way before we arrive to set up and pick up. 5. Turn off all sprinkler systems, including under ground sprinklers. 6. Inflatables need an electrical source, please make sure your outletworks and is at least 75 feet from where you want the inflatable. 7. Please be prepared. Balances are due in cash before set up.Drivers may not carry change. 8. Please verify that all described information in your invoice is correct before delivery. 9. The person signing the agreement must be present at time of delivery. 10. Please note that all delivery times are only estimates; factors such as traffic, weather must be taken into consideration.
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    What if it rains, I need to cancel or change the date? *
    What if it rains, I need to cancel or change the date? * **There are no same day cancellations. Same day all balances of rental and staff is due in full. In the event of cancellation made with 72 hours of the delivery date, the 25% non refundable deposit may be applied for future bookings made within 3 months from the date of the cancellation. All cancellations must have a written authorization. No messages will be accepted. When an order is placed we reserve the items from our inventory for the date ordered, so they are not available for rental to anyone else. If you cancel the order after placing we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee of at least 50%. The amount of the fee will depend on the specific item and time of cancellation. The minimum cancellation charge will be 50% of the order value. If you cancel within 72 hours prior to the date of the delivery/pick-up, the minimum cancellation charge will be 50% of the order value. You will be charged the full amount if you cancel on the day of the delivery/pick-up. We understand that cancellations are unavoidable due to extraneous circumstances. Depending on the circumstances we may waive the cancellation fee on a case-by-case basis. A weather cancellation made by Perfect Party Rental will result in a full refund or full credit towards another rental.
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    What will I need to make a reservation?
    What will I need to make a reservation? You will receive a formal quote and contract via email or fax. You may also download all contracts on our download page. A 25% deposit is required to finalize the reservation.
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    What type of power is required?
    What type of power is required? Our units require an 110v electrical outlet commonly found in garages, or on exterior walls. This outlet must be no more that 80 feet from the unit. What is the bouncer made of? All of our units are made of commercial quality 18oz vinyl and commercial quality window netting. If you require a generator, we must be notified given 48 hours advance notice. Please be advised, that we typically do not carry extra generators with us in our trucks. In the unfortunate event that sufficient power is not available, payment in full is still due.
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